Coffee Reviews

Wildgoose Coffee Roasters - East Timor Ermera

Coffee Origin:
East Timor, Estado Village

Coffee Species

Coffee Varietal
Timor and Bourbon

Coffee Elevation
1, 200 m

Coffee Farm/ Producers
Cooperativa Café Timor's smallholder farmers

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Wild Goose Coffee Roasters - 2/10/2016

Coffee Processing


The beans have the fragrance of tobacco, dark chocolate, maple wood, crimson grape, yucca flower, baked bing cherry, iodine, marionberry, mirth, red clay, muted mint leaf, magnolia pollen, purple bell pepper, and saffron, and dried turmeric

The grounds have the fragrance of 70% cocoa powder, nettle, marionberry, licorice root, saffron, light brown sugar, cola, baked black cherry, oak, gram cracker, granola, honeycomb, and chicory 



The aroma of this coffee chicory, dark chocolate, black cherry, saffron, dried turmeric, granola, oak, molasses, marionberry, licorice root, dried apricot, and goji

This is medium body coffee with a thick and sticky syrupy feel that is of grains at the back

This is medium acidity that is tart in the middle and lingers to the finish with a quick delicate start that is floral


The flavors of this coffee are earthy with notes of soil, red clay, dutch process cocoa powder, licorice root, muted turmeric, and sweet formal notes of blood orange, black cherry, yucca flower, toasted malt, slightly burnt hops, 

As it cools sweet notes of whipped cream, cranberry, vanillin, milk chocolate all develop and rounds this coffee out very well with a smooth and delicate texture




The aroma of the cup is of soil, bakers chocolate, tamarind, black cherry, black tea, chicory, oak, black walnut, licorice root, and malt

The body is fuller than being cupped but is silky and dirty with a slight tea like consistency 

The acidity is higher with a dirty sharp not forward that lingers 

The flavors of the cup are of tamarind, toasted black walnut, black tea, chicory, oak, toasted malt, black tea powder, tobacco, wheat, black apple, and baked black cherry