Coffee Reviews

Portola Coffee Lab - Elida Natural #26

Coffee Origin:
Panama, Alto Quiel, Boquete

Coffee Species:

Coffee Varietal
Catuai, Typica, Bourbon

Coffee Elevation
1,670 - 1,825 M

Coffee Farm/ Producers
Wilford Lamastus, Elida Estate

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Portola Coffee Lab - 11/30/2015

Coffee Processing


The beans have the fragrance of peach blossom, roasted cocoa nib, toast, Manilla mango, guava puree, black current, lilac, orange peel, blueberry juice, yellow pineapple, curry, cane sugar, burlap, muted mint, brandy, coconut husk, marshmallow, blackberry, and leather

The grounds have the fragrance of blackberry, mango, red current, butterscotch, lilac, brandy, cane sugar, dried yellow pineapple dark chocolate, raspberry, pink salt, lingonberry, cherimoya, and mamey sapote



The aroma of this coffee is of lilac, blackberry, black current, cane sugar, dark chocolate, Manilla mango, white peach, mamey sapote, candied orange peel, basmati rice, and goats milk

This is a full body coffee that is creamy with a syrupy texture that is like a toasted marshmallow

This is a high acidity coffee that is very bright, delicate and juicy with a sharp complex clean structure

The flavors of this coffee are of red grapefruit, blackberry, mamey sapote, burlap, black current, roasted cocoa nib, green apple, raw coconut, butterscotch, tobacco, dried yellow  pineapple, grilled Eureka lemon, leather, chia and rubbed sage

As it cools notes of lemon brightness develops along with a herbaceous note like of sage and a spice note like of nutmeg also. The creamy note is more pronounced like of toasted marshmallow



The aroma of the cup is of blackberry, cocoa nib, brown rice, brandy, lilac, saffron, peach blossom, blood orange, dried mango, sapote, black current, and muted guava

The flavors of this cup are of dried pink guava, sapote, blackberry, coconut husk, milk chocolate, brandy, green apple puree, lilac, dried yellow pineapple, pinion, red curry, leather, red banana, and pink lemon

The body of this cup is mellowed to be more of a medium with the smooth and creamy texture and syrupy mouth feel

The acidity is now a lot lighter with a slight dirty and lingering aspect know that is present with the juicy and delicate complexity


The aroma of the cup is very herbaceous with notes of sun dried tomato, blackberry, sage, butterscotch, lilac, pinion, black current and cane sugar

The flavor of this coffee black current, white cranberry, chicory, cocoa nib,  sapote, pinion, leather, soil, butterscotch, brandy, and dried mango

The acidity is still high and is very bright and juicy with a sharp lingering structure

This is still a full body coffee that is syrupy and slick with a chewy coating