Coffee Reviews

Coda Coffee Co. - Sumatra Dolok Sanggul

Coffee Origin: Sumatra, Dolok Sanggul

Coffee Species:

Coffee Varietal:
Ateng, Djember, TimTim

Coffee Elevation:
1200 - 1800 M

Coffee Farm:
Smallholder Farmers

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Coda Coffee Co. - 9/16/2014

Coffee Processing:
semi-washed, patio dried



The beans have the fragrance of pine needles, marjoram, bittersweet coca, marijuana, fig, cedar, citron, tomato paste, toast, tobacco, leather, meat like of beef drippings

The grounds have the fragrance of leather, cedar, cumin, smoked paprika, tobacco, damp moss, portobello mushroom and taro

The aroma of this coffee is of concord grape, oyster mushroom, damp wood, cedar, leather, tobacco, musk, honey, apricot, oregano and almond

This is a full body coffee that is a syrupy and velvety mouth feel much like honey and is smooth and slick

This is a medium acidity coffee that is more of a blood orange acidity that is juicy, crisp, soft with a lingering and muted back end


Flavor :

The flavors of this coffee are of leather, cedar that is smoking, concord grape, Buddha's hand, rose hips, fake maple syrup, prunes, black current, cranberry, a sharp crab apple, hazelnut, and pink salt

Back note of black tea, must, chamomile, and moss