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Urban Gorilla Coffee Co. - Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe

Coffee Origin: Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe 

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Urban Gorilla Coffee Co.

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The beans have the fragrance of carbon, soil, leather, prune, tobacco, oleander, thyme, and olive

The grounds have the fragrance of meat like of beef or chard lamb, sour lime, endive, iodized salt, white wine vinegar, and pickled ginger

The aroma is of smoked hickory, leather, carbon, sulfur, earth, basil, lemon, and rye

This is a weak watery and tea like body that lacks depth and roundness

This is a low acidity coffee that is juicy and muted, dull, dirty, and lingers on your pallet


The flavors of this coffee are of hickory, ash, kale, leather, yellow peach, vanilla, fermented berry, salt, and vinegar 

Back note of vegetable like of artichoke  or asparagus