AJ Coffee Co. - Ethiopia Ardi

Coffee Origin: Ethiopia, Sidama

Coffee Species:

Coffee Varietal:

Coffee Elevation:
1,750 - 1,800 M

Coffee Farm:
Ethiopia Ardi

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
AJ Coffee Co. - 1/14/14

Coffee Processing:


The beans have the fragrance of apple cider, strawberry, blueberry, blood orange, honey suckle, nougat, milk chocolate, pomegranate molasses, ohia, coffee blossom,  

The grounds have the fragrance of blueberry, natural brown sugar, black current, concord grape, passion fruit, clove, toasted walnut, sugar cookie, sun Mellon, lavender, and lychee

The aroma of this coffee is cream, clove, anise, cedar, gala apple, banana, bakers chocolate, blackberry, fig, and turmeric

The body of this coffee is a smooth round body but lacks depth.

This is a medium acidity coffee with a soft, delicate, fell.



The flavors of this coffee are of raspberry, butternut squash, tobacco, black salt, orange peel, oregano, sun dried tomato, coconut milk, dark chocolate, curry, white tea, cherimoya,

Back notes are of basil and saffron.

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