Coffee Reviews

Augie's Coffee Roasters - Kenya Kirimahiga AA

Coffee Origin : Kenya, Murang'a

Coffee Species:

Coffee Varietal:
SL 28 & SL 34

Coffee Elevation:
2,000 M

Coffee Farm:
Kirimahiga Farmer's Cooperative Society & Various Small Producers

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Augie’s Coffee Roasters

Coffee Processing:
Fully Washed


The aroma of this coffee is of bergamot, kiwi, green papaya, black current, goji, thyme, cream de mint, dried  coconut, oyster mushroom, yuca blossom, bittersweet cocoa, damp wood and soil

The grounds have the fragrance of concord grape, burnt sugar, saffron, meat like of lamb, thyme, bittersweet chocolate, oak, cumin, smoked paprika 

The aroma of this coffee is of bergamot, dried apricot, black current, cocoa nibs, raisin, oak, wheat, dried mango, kiwi, papaya and clementine

This is a full body coffee that is well rounded giving you a velvety chewy coating that tempers to a creamy mouth fell

This is a high acidity coffee that is balanced with a vibrant clean juicy complexity that is more of a pink lemonade fell


The flavors of this coffee are of  bergamot, concord grape, chamomile, yuca root, saffron, cane sugar, raisin, oak, kiwi, papaya, red current, goji, plum, bittersweet chocolate, red grapefruit juice, cedar and brown rice

Back notes of curry and blood orange