Kona De Pele - Pele Ohana Medium

origin: Hawaii, Kona
varietal: Typica
elevation: UNK
Kona De Pele

process:  Washed


The beans have the fragrance of dark chocolate, banana, toast, malt, vanilla, papaya, mango, and sweet citrus

The grounds have the fragrance of citrus, lavender, coriander, honey suckle, and ohia.

The aroma of the coffee is of sweet stone fruit like of nectarine, clove, cinnamon, roused chestnuts, eucalyptus, cedar, and corn

This is a full body coffee with smooth tones, and a high acidity

The flavors of this coffee are of blood orange, poha, grape like of concord, hops, parsley, jasmine, nutmeg, rose hops, toast, brown sugar.

The back notes are of ohia, berries, longon, and papaya