AJ Coffee Co - Fenca Santa Paula


origin: Guatemala ;Alto Verapaz coban

varietal: Catturra, Catimor, Catuai

elevation: 1375 M

farm: Fenca Santa Paula

process:  Washed


The beans have the fragrance of Bosc pear, citrus, sweet floral, earth hints like grass or hay, chocolate, lavender, cedar 

The grounds have the fragrance of sweet citrus, guava, leather, mellon, all spice, saffron, chamomile

The aroma of this coffee is chocolate, broccoli, asparagus, oregano, molasses, and tamarind

This is a medium full body coffee with complex notes,  it is also a low to medium acidity coffee

The flavors of this coffee are of apple like mountain, white grapefruit, thyme, turmeric, tobacco, grass, hay, chamomile, yam.

Back notes of berry like strawberry and jasmine