Non cupping Coffee Reviews

Klatch - Colombia Pink Cattura (Fretta)

This coffee usually served hot was made on Fretta instead to hopefully inhance the Mellon notes.

The aroma of this coffee is of Crenshaw Mellon, dried tangerine, cocoa powder, seapote, light notes of blueberry, apple banana, and toasted coriander 

The body is very mellow and smooth with a tuck back note like of syrup and is juicy


The acidity is medium - high with a oolonag tea like consultancy and a sharp floral note complexity that lingers with a effervescent mellon finish 

The flavor of the coffee are of yellow watermelon, pomegranate molasses, toasted coriander, lemon crass, pickled ginger, cashew, yellow raspberry, grilled Meyer lemon, apple banana, crem brûlée, coconut husk, Palm pollen and cocoa nib

Augie's Coffee Roasters - Colombia Geisha (lactic acid)

Coffee Origin:
Colombia, Valle del Cauca growing region

Coffee Species

Coffee Varietal

Coffee Elevation

Coffee Farm/ Producers

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Augie's Coffee Roasters - 

Coffee Processing
Lactic Acid

This was brewed on a kalita wave and a curtus poor over 


The aroma of the cup is of  Bergamot, white cranberry, longon, malt, saffron, bosk pear, tamarind, wheat bread,  

This is a full body coffee that is smooth with a velvety and syrupy mouth feel leaving a heavy and rich texture 

This is a mild and delicate acidity coffee that has a bright forward and a floral finish with a slight tropically fruit aftertaste

The flavors of this coffee are of Hawaiian sandalwood, lilac, blueberry, raspberry, dragon fruit, tamarind, malt, cocoa nib, green papaya, plantain, noni, loquat, Buddha's hand, and white sage

Back note of silver needle green tea

As it cools the b berry notes are more developed along with a rich chocolate note like of ganache