Klatch - Macaroon Mocha

This seasonal coffee is new for the 2019 session

This drink is made with Espresso, House Made Toasted Coconut milk and house chocolate.

The aroma of the drink is of burnt sugar and cocoa powder

The flavor is of the toasted coconut and the chocolate making this very creamy and rich.

The chocolate is the main star of this and a little to much.

The coconut milk is not filtered and does have little bits of coconut throughout.

This is a good drink but to me needs a little tweaking to get the proportions right


Pie Hole - Blood Orange Latte

The aroma is of burnt sugar with hints of toasted almond

The flavor is warm milk with a coffee in the back, the blood orange or ginger is not there in any way and a big disappointment along with much hype they put on this as a special for the month. 

After talking to the Barista, The flavor is the drizzle of turmeric and ginger they use on the pie of the month to but they don’t add much of it n the coffee.

After talking to them, they put more in and it was much better but as it was from the start a bad drink and they show a slice of orange on the email, but does not come with it.

Back Alley Coffee; Redlands, CA - The Gingerbread latte

This is made with premade syrup and is overly sweet with no real tats of gingerbread in anyway.

It has a taste of more subtle spice with maple praline.

Another bad problem is is cools too fast and becomes thicker like the milk is curdling.


Klatch - Trick or Treat

This very limited coffee drink is made with espresso, vanilla, chocolate, and activated charcoal.


The aroma of this coffee is of chocolate with notes of caramel and marshmallow

The flavor is heavy of chocolate with the milk, the charcoal is there and is present but not well mixed as it is very grainy. The vanilla is more of a side note that is there for sweetens.

Mixed together it is like a cookies and cream latte and overly sweet.


Klatch - The Naked Verbena

This drink made by Hether Perry to win the 2003 USBC is a combination of lemon verbena leaves, lemon zest, and simple syrup. 


The aroma of this drink is of  lemon and cane sugar with subtle hints of cardamom




The acidity is high and rightfully so with the lemon and espresso 

The body is slight rough with a lingering chalky feel and a juicy over ripe stone fruit feel

The favors of the lemon peel, chickory, cane sugar, malt, roasted hop, cardamom, navel orange, cream, vanillin, and toasted oak


The simple syrup does very little until the bottom even when mixed together and to me it works better that way


I do recommend this drink just to try and see how and what it takes to win at the USBC  

Copper Q - Cinnamon Dutch Apple Pie Latte

This signature drink is made my Copper Q in Big Bear Lake Village , California uses Wildgoose coffee, along with apple and cinnamon syrups for flavoring 

The aroma of this drink is of cinnamonand cream With slight notes of Apple 

The flavor is of green Apple and slightly burnt caramel. The coffee comes through of berry and apricot along with subtle notes of magnolia and milk chocolate 

There is a subtle sour note and the back with a chai taste 


This is a very sweet drink and to me over sweet. It was good but not for the people who want to still taste their coffee


Klatch - Oreo Late

This custom drink made by Kenya at the Rancho Cucamonga store uses Oreos on the bottom before the espresso is pulled and ground Oreos in the drink  

The aroma of this drink is of chai, vanilla and gram crackers with a subtle note of milk chocolate

The flavor chocolate, cream, and all spice. The coffee does not come through, but with this drink; I do not think it would help

I really don't like Oreos but this is by far the best way to have them for kids and adults alike 



Augie's Mexican Mocha

This limited drink is created with caynne pepper and Parliment Chocolate


The aroma is of gram cracker, smoked paprika, cinnamon, and bergamot 

The flavor is at first is of the caynne pepper and cream.  After the flavor of the Chocolate and present and deep. The Chocolate is the main flavor and is much like ganache. The coffee it self is lost but once into the drink notes of all spice, bergamot, sweet cherry and French vanilla are present.  

This is a very smooth and rich full body coffee that is warm



This is a must have and lovers of spice and Chcolate need to try this before its gone



Alex's Winter time laté

This drink created for me by Alex at Klatch 

The aroma of the cup burnt sugar, peppermint, mushroom, and muted lavender  

The flavor of this drink are heavy on Pepermint, dark chocolate, caramel, black tea, and cinnamon  

The body when hot is very creamy with a smooth and rictch texture but as it cools and is cold, it's weak and tea like




Queen Bean Café - Butterscotch Mocha

This drink created for me uses Wild Gosses coffee Roasters Flight of Fancy along with syrups. 


The aroma of this cup is of roasted marshmellow, burnt sugar, grilled Eurika lemon, and sticky rice

The flavors of this coffee are of butterscotch, navel orange, wheat germ, Mexican chocolate, whipped cream, pinion nut, Diametra sugar, jasmine oil, chcolate milk, and almond flower  


There is a back note of tobacco and dry black tea leaf


This is a good drink with great flavor , the only suggestion I would so is to brûlée the top with brown sugar


Klatch - Thyme, Sweet Thyme

This seasional drink at Klatch is made with Thyme and Maple Syrup along with their espresso


The aroma of this coffee is of citrus like orange blossom, cane sugar, cream and earth



The flavors of this drink are not aparent of the thyme nore maple surup but there is orange blossom and cream taste that is very strong. There is a subltle earth note and caramel taste that is lingering. Tords the middle of the drink the thyme comes through but very faint and along with a subtle spice note like of white pepper. 

This does have a heavy body that is creamy and has a thick mouth feel that lingering on the top of the pallete


This is a slight disappointing in the exicution and to me should have more thyme in it to make it pop but the concept is a very nice addition to this season  


Carefree Coffee Roasters - Cubano Eggnog Latte

This drink craated for me has the aroma of bitter sweet chcoalte, burnt cane, orange peel, and jasmine ash

The flavors of this drink are of bittersweet chcolate, cashew butter, ooney, magnoilia, clove stem, caramel, cream, cinnimon, Eurica lemon pith, and anmerith 


This drink has no flavor of the eggnog and is very plesent and has a tart taste at the end of this cup and gives a slight chalky taste 

This has a complex body with a smooth and creamy texture

This has a medium - high acidity that are bittersweet with a slight after taste that is tart and bright

The Flatiron in Jarome Arizona - Mocha with Cinnamon


This drink is made on a Manuel espresso machine has two shots and chocolate along with Cinnamon. 


The flavores are of chocolate ganache with a subtle ascent of spice. There is a slight earth and nut tone of hazelnut and The Cinnimon tastes more of all spice and cane sugar.  


It has a full body and mild acidity.  


La Casa Azul Coffee House - La Cafe de Olla

This drink created by La Casa de Azul is a remerisent tothe old mexican style made with ciinimon siccks, piloncieo (mexican style brown sugar), and coffee  


This drink is unique with the cinnimon being forword and the Piloncieo bringing a slight sweet note and a little grit.  

There is a nice citrus note that is like a navel orange, and and an all spice note. 

The coffee has a full body with a creamy mouth feel with a medium acidity that has a sweet delicate floral note like of yucca

This is a great coffee to try if you want to try an authentic mexican style coffee that is iced

Rad Coffee - Blood Orange Latte

This drink created for Holoween at Rad Coffee in Upland California is made with blood orange consingrate in house, Verve coffee, and milk


The first bit of this coffee is like drinking sour blood orange foam.  

There is no aroma of blood orange 

The milk separates slightly on top but drinking down you get the blood orange and in a big stride. The coffee is deeply lost and the consingrate is over powering. 

This drink is only served hot, a big diisapont because this would be great cold instead. 

This is an unusual flavored coffee and has great potential just not ready to be brought out yet.  

Bricks and Birch - Pretty Chai for a White Guy ( Holiday)

This drink created by head barista of Bricks and Birch in Redlands California is made with Stumptown Hair Bender, Almond milk, Chai, Cinnimon, and Honey

The aroma of this drink is of cinnimon, brown sugar, and damp wood

Te flavor of this drink is of the alomond but more tords a toasted almond, dark chcolate, all spice, ciggerette tobcco, and clay

The honey is lost in this but may help keep it on the sweet side and richer with useing alomnd milk


This is a unique drink made for me and I see great hopes for future coffees from Brick and Birch  


Klatch - Real Pumpkin Late

This seasional drink from Klatch uses real pumpkin puree, their ecspresso and sweet milk


The aroma of this coffee is of cinnimon, and carmelized sugar with a slight hint of citrus like of bergamont


The flavors of this coffee are promintaly pumkin with a subtle vanilla note through out. The pumkin itself is sweet with a all spice and nutmeg taste coing through. The espresso is slightly lost in this cup but does bring this drink together with its citrus and earth notes of it. 

The body of this drink is smooth with a chcolate ganache mouth feel and a velvity texture

Mixing this drink it becomes overly creamy with the milk being the only flavor and taste

This Pumpkin late is very well made and not overly sweet along with being with a good complexity and great body


Klatch - The Naked Verbina

This seasional drink by Klatch uses Lemon Verbina leafs, Lemon zest, with there 2003 USBC espresso.  

This is more of a unusal drink for a coffee shop in that to make this drink you need a cocktail shaker to combine all the ingrediants then layer them on top of the symple syrup. 

The aroma of this drink is high on the lemon along with burnt sugar, coca nibs, and ginger ale

The flavors of this drink is of lemon zest, almon flour, burnt sugar, cracked ginger, marshmellow, vinilla, caramel, thyme, and blood orange

This drink must be stured to combine the symple syrup and coffee and in doing so it does bring out delicate acidity and a velvity body of this drink.




Klatch - The Everyman

This seasonal drink at Klatch was by Sam Penix of Everyman Espresso in NYC.

Klatch adapted this for them and featues Ethiopia Sidamo Guji, peach nector, and lime.  

The aroma of this is of peach blossom, sugar, orange zest, and a delicate note of all spice


The flavors of this drink are heavy on the peach with notes of raspberry, cinnamon, bosk pear, Hawaiian papaya and blood orange

The lime is very faint but a great note of acidity to this. 

To me this drink is over sweet of the peach and districts from the coffee itself

This drink is very refreshing on a California Summer and I would suggest to even try this blennded.

Lavender Gamocha



Signature drink created  by Blair from Augie's 

This drink is a Gibraltar with lavender and parliament chocolate


The aroma is of lavender and burnt sugar

The lavender is the star with the chocolate bringing in the tart notes from the coffee

The milk separated slightly bringing out a sour citrus note in the coffee like kumquat. 

I sweet brown sugar is throughout the cup.

There is a banana foster like body to this with a slight watery note at the end This does have a high acidity to it that is tart, and juicy with a sweet and delicate tartness