Klatch - Thyme, Sweet Thyme

This seasional drink at Klatch is made with Thyme and Maple Syrup along with their espresso


The aroma of this coffee is of citrus like orange blossom, cane sugar, cream and earth



The flavors of this drink are not aparent of the thyme nore maple surup but there is orange blossom and cream taste that is very strong. There is a subltle earth note and caramel taste that is lingering. Tords the middle of the drink the thyme comes through but very faint and along with a subtle spice note like of white pepper. 

This does have a heavy body that is creamy and has a thick mouth feel that lingering on the top of the pallete


This is a slight disappointing in the exicution and to me should have more thyme in it to make it pop but the concept is a very nice addition to this season