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Klatch - The Naked Verbena

This drink made by Hether Perry to win the 2003 USBC is a combination of lemon verbena leaves, lemon zest, and simple syrup. 


The aroma of this drink is of  lemon and cane sugar with subtle hints of cardamom




The acidity is high and rightfully so with the lemon and espresso 

The body is slight rough with a lingering chalky feel and a juicy over ripe stone fruit feel

The favors of the lemon peel, chickory, cane sugar, malt, roasted hop, cardamom, navel orange, cream, vanillin, and toasted oak


The simple syrup does very little until the bottom even when mixed together and to me it works better that way


I do recommend this drink just to try and see how and what it takes to win at the USBC