Coffee Reviews

Wildgoose Coffee Rasters - Rwanda Hyamagabe

Coffee Origin:
Rwanda, Nyamagabe (Karaba Village)

Coffee Species

Coffee Varietal

Coffee Elevation
1,600+ m

Coffee Farm/ Producers
Nyrusiza Washing Station

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Wildgoose Coffee Roasters - 4/13/2016

Coffee Processing



The beans have the fragrance of grape, molasses, purple sage, backed raspberry, blackberry, turmeric, pomegranate syrup, blue corn, red pear, basmati rice, caraway, light brown sugar, baking soda, dried mushroom, and pinion

The grounds have the fragrance of lard, demerara brown sugar baked blackberry, pomegranate, date, hickory, lime pith, sapote, brown rice, pinion, dried mushroom, green tea leaf, jujube, and cocoa nib



The aroma of the coffee of dark brown sugar, tobacco, date, hickory, baked raspberry, blackberry, tomato paste, molasses, brown rice, jujube, and pinion

This is a meadow body coffee that is smooth with a pitch and creamy texture that lingers throughout 

This is medium - high acidity that is tart at first with a slow fading complex citrus taste that ends sweet and dry

The flavors of this coffee dark plum, brown sugar, baked raspberry, blackberry, lime pith, tomato paste, pomegranate molasses, brown rice, jujube, baked sapote, pinion, cocoa nib, apricot, mirth, and yellow tea

As it cools notes of banana and cream develop along with a citrus note like of pink lemon or pomelo and slight hint of rose hips



The aroma brown rice, black tea, soil, baked tomato, date, blackberry, Mexican papaya, cummin, jujube, and pinion

The body is almost as cupped and more of a velvety texture though

The acidity is much the same as being cupped but ferry fruit forward then tart 

The flavors of the cup are of raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, blood orange, pink lemon, white cranberry, bosc pear, tobacco, magnolia, lemon grass, tamarind, pomegranate molasses, green papaya, shallot, plantain, longon, and red bean

I highly recomed this coffee on a french press and to me brings out much more flavors and complexities then being cupped