Coffee Reviews

Stell Coffee & Tea Co. - Rawnda Nyamasheke

Coffee Origin:
Rwanda, Nyamasheke

Coffee Species

Coffee Varietal:

Coffee Elevation
1,500 - 2,000  M

Coffee Farm/ Producers
Mutovu Cooperative

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Stell Coffee & Tea Co. - 2/9/16

Coffee Processing



The beans have the fragrance of dill, Eureka lemon, black currant, nectarine, malt, cocoa nib, ragweed, cola, pimento, hemp seed, vanillin, caramel, red apple, toast, bergamot, and white cranberry

The grounds have the fragrance of cranberry, jasmine, pomelo, tart cherry, red apple, roasted cocoa nib, black currant, black walnut, oak, maple nut, vanillin, liquid smoke, all spice, delicate note of tobacco, and bergamot 




The aroma of this coffee is of crimson raisin, bergamot, vanillin, cola, baked apple, toasted malt, oak, cigarette tobacco, roasted cocoa nib, black walnut, raw brown sugar, and maple nut

This is a heavy body coffee that is smooth with a deep creamy texture that is thick and syrupy  

This is a high acidity coffee that is bright with a sharp forward note that lingers and quickly tapers to a dry muted note 

The flavors of this coffee are of caramel, raw brown sugar, bergamot, toasted malt, baked black apple, all spice, damp soil, roasted cocoa nib, black current, yellow nectarine, sumac, Rainier cherry, ash, tobacco, and white sage

As it cools notes of vanilla bean, whipped cream, navel orange, tamarind, molasses, adobo and candied rose petals develop and the body levels out and is more delicate and silky along with the acidity is much lower and very juicy



The aroma of the cup is of bergamot, yellow nectarine, malt, saffron, sumac, pinion, 

The body is weak now with a creamy and smooth texture that is juicy

The acidity is low and very juicy with a delicate bright  note of floral

The flavors of the cup are of lilac, pinion, yellow nectarine, dragon fruit, Rainier cherry, buro banana, black apple, taro, yucca blossom, summer savory, and bergamot

I highly recommend this coffee on the Gino, It brings out much more fruit and smooth body characteristics and complexity




The aroma of the cup is of fish sauce, soil, eel, fermented tomato, kambo, and leather

The body is weaker then when cupped and has a tea like consistency now 

The acidity is still high but is dry and astringent with a lingering dirty ash note

The flavors of this cup are of soil, bakers chocolate, oak, toasted tahini, dried orange, bottle brush, and liquid smoke

I do not recommend making this on Aeropress, it dose not bring anything to the coffee and really brings in down in character and quality