Coffee Reviews

Rancho Aloha - Medium Roast

Coffee Origin:
Hawai’i, Holualoa

Coffee Species:

Coffee Varietal:
Typica (Guatemala)

Coffee Elevation:

Coffee Farm/ Producers:
Bruce Corker 

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Bruce Corker - 7/1/2015

Coffee Processing:



The beans have the fragrance of black cherry, dark chocolate, saffron, molasses, mint, clove, goat cheese, leather, bergamot, dried habanero, dried mango, saddle wood, lilac, dill, blood orange, raw black walnut, black cardamom

The grounds have the fragrance of bergamot, nugget, dill, dark chocolate, black walnut, sour cream, lime leaf, Paquin chile, black cherry, honeysuckle, dried mango, mint, and cedar

The aroma of this coffee is of wheatgrass, molasses, dark chocolate, black cardamom, raisin, dried chili mango, clove, saddle wood, bergamot, and lilac

This is medium body coffee with a creamy mouth fell with a slick juicy finish

This is a medium high acidity with a dry unbalanced forward and a dull vibrancy that is juicy and astringent


The flavors of this coffee are of damp soil, dark chocolate, black cardamom, ash, black tea, saddle wood, chipotle, black walnut, clove, cinnamon, lilac, magnolia, metallic, blood, leather, iodine

As it cools notes of the damp soil, ash, and raw nut come through along with fermented dark berry, bottle brush, and over ripe lemon