Coffee Reviews

Halfwit Coffee Roasters - El Salvador Miravalle

Coffee Origin:
El Salvador, Santa Ana

Coffee Species:

Coffee Varietal:

Coffee Elevation:
1,650 - 1,850 m

Coffee Farm/ Producers:
Jaime Riera

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Halfwit Coffee Roasters - 6/22/2015

Coffee Processing



The fragrance of the beans are of bakers cocoa, lavender salt, subtle cinnamon, candied ginger, buddhas hand,  white pepper, nougat, raw cane, white balsamic vinegar, dried apricot, mint, cedar, allspice, juniper berry, and sun dried tomato

The grounds have the fragrance of black current, blueberry, tempered bittersweet cocoa, marshmallow, lime zest, egg white, crimson raisin, allspice, oak, pluot, and white pepper

The aroma is of bittersweet cocoa powder, green tea, walnut, dried apricot, dried goji, demerara sugar, white pepper, all spice, and oak

This has a medium body that has a smooth forward with a slick creamy fell that quickly to a chewy coating in the middle with a tea like consistency at the end

This is a high acidity coffee that is dry with a balanced juicy vibrancy that lingers through out your mouth.


The flavors of this coffee are of blood orange, ruby red grapefruit, tobacco, black tea, cream, bittersweet chocolate, all spice, cinnamon, red current, cabernet grape, dried goji, toasted hazelnut, pluot, crimson raisin, and long pepper

As it cools cream and white grapefruit peel are dominant with a delicate spice note like of cracked ginger and lemongrass with a subtle finish of soy