Coffee Reviews

Hula Daddy - Laura’s Reserve SL-28

Coffee Origin: 
Hawai’i, Kona

Coffee Species:

Coffee Varietal:

Coffee Elevation:
2500 feet

Coffee Farm/ Producers:
Hula Daddy

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Laura Ross - 12/23/2014

Coffee Processing:



The beans have the fragrance of concord grape, crimson raisin, dill, cinnamon, dark chocolate, ohia, lava soil, tamarind, bergamot, oolong, lilac, raspberry,  milo, hops, dried black berry, licorice root, cumin, and a delicate hint of marijuana

The grounds have the fragrance of lilac, black cardamom, raspberry, dark chocolate, ohia, molasses, sassafras root, bittersweet chocolate, milo, cayenne pepper, maple syrup, vanillin, black current, soil, black salt, yellow tea, blood orange, dried yellow pineapple, delicate note of tobacco 

The aroma of this coffee is of tasted almond, dark chocolate, sassafras root, nougat, lilac, blood orange, dill, black cardamom, black current, crimson raisin

This is a full body coffee that is smooth with a rich syrupy mouthfeel cooling to a creamy velvety medium body

This is a high acidity coffee that is bright with juicy complex notes forward and a lingering well balanced structure tapering to a delicate dry note


The flavors of this coffee are of blood orange, dried papaya, oolong, ohia, turbinado sugar, roselle, tobacco, vanillin, cedar, bakers chocolate, black cardamom, bergamot, lilac, blanched cashew, ginseng, and tart cherry.

As it cools notes of black current, vanilla, and coriander come through along with dried cranberry, tobacco, bakers chocolate, and mole sauce