Coffee Reviews

Ladro Coffee Roasting - Nicaragua Perla Negra

Coffee Origin: Nicaragua, Jinotega

Coffee Species:

Coffee Varietal:

Coffee Elevation:
1,200 M

Coffee Farm/ Producers:
Finca La Escondida

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Ladro Coffee Roasting - 1/19/2015

Coffee Processing:
black honey processed


The beans have the fragrance of tahinni, quince, honeydew, raw cane, turmeric, soil, tobacco, peach blossom, bbq sauce, saffron, coriander, oregano, apricot, very faint note of berry

The grounds have the fragrance of asparagus, sour lemon, dark chocolate, rye, dill, soil, tobacco, dried cherry, prickly pear, pulasan, and honeydew

The aroma of this coffee is of caramel, bakes chocolate, clove, cumin, coriander, lilac, cheddar cheese, dried date, black current

This is a full body coffee that is chewy with a creamy mouth feel tapering to a smooth slick body

This is a high acidity coffee that has a sharp tart forward note that is overpowering. Continuing it becomes a dry juicy complex acidity that is like a star fruit


The flavors of this coffee are of pulasan, fermented cantaloupe, cheddar cheese, dried date, black current, soil, fig, prickly pear, white grapefruit

As it cools flavors of dried tart cherry and blood orange develop along with coriander, demerara sugar, yeast, and cork