Coffee Reviews

Big Island Coffee Roasters - Puna Theobroma Coffee

Coffee Origin:
Hawai’i, Puna

Coffee Species

Coffee Varietal
Yellow Caturra

Coffee Elevation

Coffee Farm/ Producers
Big Island Coffee Roasters

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Big Island Coffee Roasters - 10/17/2015

Date Sampled

Coffee Processing
Coffee Cured with Chocolate 


The fragrance of the beans are of roasted cocoa nib, jasmine, cinnamon, toffee, tobacco, raisin, vanilla, yellow peach, grilled white grapefruit, leather, honeysuckle, ohia, and soil

The fragrance of the grounds are of chocolate ganache, plum, Oro blanco grapefruit, french vanilla, peach blossom, burnt caramel, dried tangerine, soil, tart cherry,  leather, black current, ohia, dried goji, and muted cinnamon



The aroma of this cup is of dark chocolate, prune, black current, leather, ohia, toffee, peach blossom, dried tangerine, oat, and raisin

This coffee has a full body with a rich and creamy mouth feel that is velvety and slick

This is a high acidity coffee that is bright with a slight tart note and has a lingering dirtiness that is like dutch process cocoa powder

The flavors of this coffee are of brandy, bitter sweet chocolate, oat, plum, dried goji, raspberry, french vanilla, leather,saffron, soil, muted cinnamon, tart red cherry, burnt caramel, walnut, and apricot 

As it cools notes of blood orange, dried tangerine, and grilled pink grapefruit develop alone with the dark chocolate being very forward and tart. There are subtle notes of current, cherry, and pickled ginger at the end with a quick hint of black tea



The aroma of this cup is of bergamot, bakers chocolate, plum, blood orange, soil, ohia, black cherry,  leather, cinnamon, black current, and black tea

The flavors of the cup are of dark chocolate, caramel, bergamot, wheat, black cherry, plum, black walnut, dried goji, soil, marionberry, 

The acidity is still high with a bright and tart note that is forward and lingering and gives a delicate juicy after note

The body is still have and full with a creamy and smooth mouth fell like of melted chocolate 

This is a great way to experience this coffee for more then one person