Carefree Coffee Roasters - Ethiopia Yirgacheffe FTO

Coffee Origin:
Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe

Coffee Species

Coffee Varietal:

Coffee Elevation
1,770 - 2,000 M

Coffee Farm/ Producers

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Carefree Coffee Roasters - 11/2/2015

Coffee Processing



The beans have the fragrance of musk, toffee, bergamot, lime zest, malt, white cranberry, bakers chocolate, dried raspberry, tannin, baking soda, holy, musk, yeast, turmeric, cinnamon, curry, marshmallow, and chamomile

The grounds have the fragrance of plum, nougat, white cranberry, ginger ale, grapeseed oil, musk, cane sugar, bakers chocolate, malt, summer savory, date, and rose hips

The aroma of this coffee is of date, rose hips, bakers chocolate, turmeric, cedar, toffee, musk, white cranberry, dried navel orange, and ginger ale

This is a medium body coffee that is slick with a creamy mouth feel and a slight chewy consistency

This is a medium acidity coffee that has a dry vibrant start that is lingering and mild with a rough effervescence


The flavors of this coffee are of nougat, malt, white cranberry, bakers chocolate, condensed milk, dried raspberry, straw, soil, tobacco, orange zest, club soda, grapeseed, and sage

As it cools notes of cream and vanilla develop along with a delicate black tea note that is on the back



The aroma of the cup is of orange blossom, malt, tobacco, and soil

The flavors of the cup expand the citrus and creamy notes of blood orange, whipped cream, black cherry and tamarind with subtle notes of molasses, and a chipotle undertone giving a slight spice note in the back

This method gives it a great full body that is creamy and velvety with a rich mouth feel. The acidity is the same as it being cupped with one big change, its juicy rather then dry


This is my preferred method on making this coffee 



The aroma of the cup is of straw, honey suckle, lemon, cardamon and coriander 

The flavors of the cup are of caramel, blood orange, cinnamon, chili powder, soil, soy, and leather

This method gives it a higher acidity that is sharp with a spicy note that lingers through out. It gives it a medium body with a creamy mouth feel but has a rough tea like consistency 


I would not recommend using it to brew this coffee