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Altitude Coffee Lab - Kenya Peaberry

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Altitude Coffee Lab - 11/05/2015

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The beans have the fragrance of dill, green papaya, brown rice, bakers chocolate, nougat, saffron, rose hips, oak, vanilla, licorice root, lilac, saddle wood, moss, and dried mushroom

The grounds have the fragrance of white cranberry, rye, nougat, oak, balsamic, roasted date, rose hips, soil, saddle wood, lilac, bittersweet chocolate, ground beef, white grapefruit zest, and soy sauce

The aroma of this cup is of rooted date, brown rice, pinion, saddle wood, rye, nougat, brown beach mushroom, hazelnut, lilac, molasses, toasted coca nib, oak, and very faint note of paprika

This is a medium acidity coffee that is juicy with a creamy and velvety mouth feel

This is a high acidity coffee that is bright, sour, juicy, complex and a clean,  delicate tartar fruit ate to it

The flavors of this coffee are of cranberry, toasted cocoa nib, lilac, dill, rye, saddle wood, ponzu, oak, nougat, sourdough bread, red grapefruit, rose hips, and Egyptian hibiscus. 

As it cools the cranberry and ponzu come through more along with cream, saffron, fracked ginger and a subtle note of tobacco



The aroma from a chemex is of subtle earth tones and chocolate with clover honey and chia

The flavors toasted cocoa nib, grilled mushroom, white cranberry, dried blackberry, rose hips, lilac, ponzu, and cashew

There is a sooth creamy body that it gives along with a slight chewy coating. The acidity is there but not as strong as when cupped. It is of tart berry and cocoa powder

The chemex is a much better way to make this coffee and also does not leave and residue on the cup or bottom of the chemx




The aroma is of wax, black tea, bacon fat, and soil

The flavors when done on a french press are of cold black tea, rye, magnolia, and bakers chocolate. There is a very subtle note of dried blackberry, and lard. There is a strong back note of oolong tea

Making it in a french press gives it a very weak body and no acidity at all

This does leave a residue on the bottom of the cup

* This is a very bad way to make this coffee *