Non cupping Coffee Reviews

Wild Goose Coffee - Kenya AA (Poor Over)

Coffee Origin: Kenya, 

Coffee Species:

Coffee Varietal:

Coffee Elevation:

Coffee Farm:

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Wild Goose - 2/27/14

Date Sampled:

Coffee Processing:


The beans have the aroma of blackberry, concord grape, strawberry, cacao nibs, clove, hibiscus, cane sugar,

The aroma of this coffee is of clove, lemon grass, eucalyptus, bell pepper, cacao powder, cantaloupe, and mushroom

This is a full body coffee with a smooth round complex feel

This is a high juicy, vibrant, and  clean acidity coffee

The flavors of this coffee are of red current, dark chocolate, guava, chestnuts, tomato, ginger, cumin, leather, malt, cedar, red grapefruit, Mexican papaya, ground meat like of beef or lamb