Coffee Beer Reviews

Crazy Mountain Brewing Co. - SnowCat Coffee Stout

This is a winter brew made by Crazy Mountain Brewing Co. and Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea Co. located in Edwards and Minturn Colorado. 

The coffee used was an Ethiopia Yirgacheffe at a medium - dark roast and 100% Summit Hops.

The name of this beer is from "The Midnight Marauders - who flatten snow in the wee hours, as they ascend without fear into darkness" 


The Appearance of the beer is Dark chocolate in color that is transparent , with a moderate, tan head. 


The Aroma of this beer is like of toasted almond, bitters, coca nibs, demerara sugar, malt, and a slight berry note. 


This beer has a smoky taste like of hickory, The coffee is not as prominent as I hoped but there is a citrus note that comes through like of Kumquat along with berry notes of blackberry and strawberry. There is a distinct hop note to this and this tart and vegetable like.