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Keala’s Coffee - 100% Kona

Coffee Origin:
Hawai’i, Kona

Coffee Species

Coffee Varietal

Coffee Elevation

Coffee Farm/ Producers
Keala’s Coffee

Coffee Roasting Date, Roaster
Keala’s Coffee - 3/21/2016

Coffee Processing



The beans have the fragrance of molasses, dried star fruit, bakers chocolate, coconut husk, green papaya, caramel, cinnamon, worm casing, citron, and tamarind

The grounds have the fragrance of caramel, coconut just, dried lilikoi, soil, bakers chocolate,  Hawaiian sandalwood, honeysuckle, molasses, tamarind, tea tree husk, ponzu, and dehydrated strawberry  



The aroma of this coffee is of ponzu, tobacco, milo wood, burnt caramel, bakers chocolate, toasted coconut, strawberry, dried lilikoi, mountain apple, and grilled chicory

This is a weak body that is watery and a juicy feel in the back with a creamy and sticky feel on the top of your mouth

This is a low acidity coffee that is mellow and dull with a very faint vibrancy that quickly dissipates

The flavors of this coffee are of dried lilikoi, soil, bakers chocolate, mountain apple, dried star fruit, roasted coconut husk, green papaya, burnt caramel

As it cools marshmallows, and berry notes have developed like blueberry, and strawberry along with cherimoya and lilikoi



The aroma of the cup is of soil, burnt cocoa nib,  roasted coconut husk, oak, cashew, bosc pear, band-aid, and liquid smoke 

The body is spot on as the cupping

The acidity is higher with a sharp note that is really juicy and astringent 

The flavors of this cup are of citron, rose hips, toasted coconut,  caramel, cocoa nib, dried star fruit, mountain apple, curry leaf, nori, and black tea

I can not recomend this coffee on this beacuse it is as bad as being cupped, The only effect useing this is if you want a higher acidty but that is it