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Stell Coffee and Tea 10 Year Anniversary event

So on February 22nd 2014 A local coffee in Redlands California celebrated their 10 year Anniversary.  

The event started at 12 in the afternoon till 8 at night and fettered local bands playing, Beer dos, Hot dogs and a beer garden fettering Ritual Brewing Co. also located in Redlands.


As a special treat to their costumers Stell also released their first coffee blend featuring Papua New Guinea.   



Here is a interview with owner Robert Stell 

How is it being at your 10 year anniversary? Is this everything you thought it would be?

“Honestly I haven’t even though about it”

What are you expecting for the next 10 years?

“ A lot of growth, a lot of expansion” 

A new store?

“Maybe a few stores and a roasting facility, changing this( Redlands) to more of a cafe, Upgrade the kitchen, and the separate the roasting so we have more elbow room and can buy maybe have more verity of coffee because we are limited on space”

Are you planing on bringing in geisha’s then?

“ Um maybe, it is posable. I try not to buy coffees that everybody can get” “I like those coffees but right not because I have limited space I try to keep it so that coffees that are great but that are not overly priced so I can sell to who ever, I don’t want to chase anyone away.

So what about the next 3 - 5 years? Maybe try for roaster of the year?

“ I really don't care about stuff like that! It doesn't matter to me. This is for the people. I do this because i like what I do. I like roasting coffee, working on equipment, being a barista, I like to try and figure out how to make the business better, I like all that stuff and don't care about roaster of the year or any of that stuff. I am lucky to do what I do and have a good location, and we will look for more locations, and keep going in that respect. I fell lucky to even wake up everyday and do this so I fell like thats enough. Granted don't get me wrong it would be cool to have the title but I don't even know if i worry to strive for that”

What about mail order subscriptions like Mistobox?

“Yes possibly.”  “ I really like retail; I wouldn't mind pushing for some more retail sales maybe some more online, buts a direction we defiantly we want to go and any way to roast more coffee is perfectly good for me” “ Wholesale is always my largest one”