Trips to Origin, Tours and Lecture Reviews

Seed To Cup Coffee Tour at Klatch Roasters in Upland CA

On February second of 2013 I was privileged to attend a tour and cupping at Klatch Coffee Roasters at their roasting facility in Upland. The tour and cupping was conducted by Todd there coffee guru.

It started with everyone in their lab where Todd and one of their baristas where serving espresso drinks. From there we all went to tables that had a station for each person when we cupped. Todd then gave an Introduction to Klatch and a brief history of the company. Form there we went into The Seed to Cup, it was all done by with power point presentation for picture examples. Todd was very detailed on every aspect of how you get your cup of coffee and used their own relations with the producers to emphasize how a single farm can be on top or how it can lose everything and have to start over.


The lecture part went into great examples on different aspects that can effect coffee from rain where Todd showed and explained how in Brazil was having big worries when the coffee trees had not bloomed and there had not been any rain for some time but also showed a picture from a night of rain where all the trees had bloomed. Do to that he told us the Brazil had its best year of coffee for some time. 
Todd also explained that the threat to coffee is wind.


After the lecture we met Shane, one of their roasters, where he roasted a batch of coffee to show us and explain how they roast. He made it very easy to understand with out going into technical wording.

From the roasting we then went and started the cupping. We had three verities; a Sumatra, El Salvador, and Kenya. Todd went through the whole cupping procedures starting with the aroma of the freshly ground beans and then the breaking of the crust where we where smelling the aroma as we broke it. We then waited for it to come to Temperature and taking off the "foam coating." From there we all slurped. Many of the people there where uncomfortable when they where told to do a cupping correctly "you slurp the coffee so it fully aerates the coffee and covers your mouth fully"


After there was a large question and answer period with Todd, Shane, and the two baristas. Before we all where done Shane came by and gave everyone a small bag of the coffee he roasted for the demonstration.

The cost for all this was $20 and for the information and the experience it is well worth it. I highly recommend it for any one who loves, knows coffee or waiting to learn more about it and see what it takes to get your cup of coffee.